Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stubborn Midline Fat

Q: Anonymous said...

"So i have been working out for 90 days. at least 3 days a week. My back, Legs, chest, and arms look decent. But for some reason my bottom abs (group 3-6 of the pack) are not losing that little bit of fat on the top. What can i do to fix this?"

A: AP FIT says...
First off, Hi reader! Second, my gratitudes for submitting your question. Now on to the juicy stuff...

You'd be surprised but this is one of the more common issues with people, the stubborn midline fat. You can work out your abs every single day (which you shouldn't) and still that will not put a dent in fat loss around your waist. Here is the secret buddy, abs are made in the kitchen not at the gym. Nutrition is the biggest culprit to this problem. Your nutrition has to be extra sharp in order for your body to understand that it needs to release these fat cells for energy.

Instead of baked potatoes, try veggies for carbs. Instead of high carb protein bars try low carb protein shakes and organic fruits for snacks. Make small changes like these to your diet to where the foods you consume have a moderate amount of carbs but are extra "clean" as they say. Once your nutrition has been officially cleaned up you then need to take your workouts to high intensity ALL THE TIME. Do yourself a favor and pick up a heart rate monitor and if you're not performing at 70%+ of your max heart rate for at least 45 minutes of your 50 minute workout then you know why the stubborn fat refuses to work with you.

If even after trying this you see no results then you should increase the number of days you workout and decrease your total carb intake to where you're consuming 0.5 to 1.0 grams of carbs per pound of body weight.  

In a nutshell:
 - Clean carbs with very low sugars
 - High intensity workouts every workout

Good luck!!!

Stay focused. Stay Strong.


  1. any advice on how to gain weight?

  2. Great Q/A! I'm struggling with the midline, too. Gonna try this out. THANKS SPANISH :)


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