Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Update: Like Primecore Fitness on Facebook

Hey guys!

It has pretty much been forever since I have posted on here and for that I am eternally sorry. The truth is I have been involved in multiple projects quite heavily and time seems to elude me just about always these days. I have however opened a facebook page for my personal training business, PRIMECORE FITNESS. Head on over and make sure to like it as I'll be providing constant fitness tips, deals and more. See you all there! Happy Holidays! =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Alluring Six Pack 101

Ladies and gentlemen, can't figure out how to get a chiseled mid-section? Check out my article on my fitness journal detailing the mid-section and what to do (or not to do) to obtain the beach body abs everyone loves!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Returning to Physical Activity After a Horrid Car Accident

Q: Mrs. Keylita said...

Hey Alvin,
I just want to start by letting you know that I love your blog. =)I had a bad car accident 3 months ago and have been under Medical Care ever since. I need to get back to my regular weight because due to the lack of exercise, medicines, and bed rest, I've gained 15 lbs. I have 2 cervical and 2 Lower Lumbar Herniations that are very painful but is something i have to learn to live with. What would be a good workout routine for a person with my injuries? How can i strengthen my neck & back to be able to get back to regular workouts? Doctors recommend exercise but not really get into details as to how to do this......HELP! ;)

A: AP FIT says...

Hi Keylita,
I am so sorry to hear that you were part of such an experience. I am definitely glad that you are alive and well and can continue to be such a supportive part of the Shedding Pounds & Doubts community. Weight gain after an accident is perfectly normal. We usually can't participate in physical activity or even keep up with nutrition at all during recovery time. Please do not get excessively down about this. This is totally normal and the great thing is that you have decided to take action, which is the best step. Now, let's see how we can approach your unique situation.

Reducing Excess Skin After Drastic Weight Loss

Q: Anonymous said...

Hey Alvin!
I have a question, is it possible for someone who loses 100-150lbs to look similar to someone who never had the weight on, skin elasticity wise I mean! Thank you!!!

A: AP FIT says...

In regards to your question the answer is a big YES!!! but not without time, a lot of hard work and dedication...