Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beating the Plateau

Q: Anonymous said...
"I have been training on and off for about 2 years now. I always hit my upper body because I really want look big but for like the last few months I haven't been seeing any results at all and I'm just frustrated. Is there anything I can do?"

A: AP FIT says...
Well, while I must say that I do not endorse working out on and off I definitely endorse working out only your upper body for such a long period amount exactly 0%. It's very important to work on the entire body (inside and out) not only for aesthetic reasons but for medical ones as well. However, I'm sure we'll cover the benefits of a symmetrical body on another post. So without further a do...BEATING THE PLATEAU.

The reason we plateau is because we become complacent and so does our body. We usually stick  to a routine we enjoy and practice it for years on end and expect more results by performing the same old things. If you mainly just want mass then your first point of attack is nutrition. You need to eat more and see how it affects your body because the more calories you consume, the more fuel your body has to run on. If your nutrition is up to par then you should begin with slight alterations to your favorite workouts. For example, if you're doing bicep curls, grip the bar with your hands very close to each other instead of far apart. Decrease the weight and increase the time it takes you to complete a single repetition. You can also perform the traditional curls sitting or laying on an incline bench instead of standing. This limits the overall force input your body is using to complete the exercise and now puts more pressure on the bicep.

You need to play with these components before giving up and it is extremely crucial that you document your nutritional habits and your workout routines. At the end of the day mark with a check mark on your log which foods and workouts worked best for you. After some months of logging use all the check marks to build a hyper-effective nutritional and workout routine.

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  1. So i have been working out for 90 days. at least 3 days a week. My back, Legs, chest, and arms look decent. But for some reason my bottom abs (group 3-6 of the pack) are not losing that little bit of fat on the top. What can i do to fix this?


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