About the Trainer

Hi There!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and hopefully you dropped off a question about fitness and health on your visit. If you were wondering about me, well you are in the right part of the site. To be truthful I was not born an athlete or magically given fitness gifts at birth. I was actually a very unfit kid who ate just about anything and everything that was candy. It wasn't until I saw my overweight problem and lack of health affect my life in a negative manner that I really decided to make a change for the better. Soon after that I became obssessed with everything fitness and found a passion for helping others succeed as I had done.

Fast forward to over a half decade later and today I am a personal trainer dedicated to fitness and martial arts conditioning certified in two of the top five global fitness organizations. Within this time I have provided help to people looking for overall fitness in training, nutrition, safety and motivation among others. As a martial artist I have tackled independent instruction as well as class focused environments helping a significant number of people understand the importance of self-defense as well as other key principles of martial arts while promoting a healthy lifestyle. I have trained people in group sessions as well as individual sessions focusing on not only a motivational and safe environment but also one that is inviting and team oriented in order to maximize enthusiasm.

  • Personalized Training and Nutritional Plans
  • Online Personal Training
  • Fitness, Toning and Weight Loss
  • Bootcamp and group sessions
  • Cardio kickboxing
  • Nutrition and Exercise Education

If you are tired of being unhealthy and want to make a change for the better like I did, please contact me for personal training services at iaftraining@yahoo.com.

For more information please visit http://www.fitnessbyap.com/ and www.iachievefitness.com

- Alvin Pereira (AP FIT)