Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reducing Excess Skin After Drastic Weight Loss

Q: Anonymous said...

Hey Alvin!
I have a question, is it possible for someone who loses 100-150lbs to look similar to someone who never had the weight on, skin elasticity wise I mean! Thank you!!!

A: AP FIT says...

In regards to your question the answer is a big YES!!! but not without time, a lot of hard work and dedication...

In order to cover that concern you need to do a combination of healthy eating, weight training and cardio (cycling, Zumba, walking, etc.). This is essentially the same thing people refer to when they say "I don't want to lose weight; I just want to tone."

In order to "tone" once you have reach your desired weight goal you need to be lifting weights (intensely) and spending about 40-60 mins on a cardio machine every day. There is no magical pill, waist belt or anything like that!

Granted, the very best way to lose weight is to do a plan like this from the get-go as it will balance your body out and prevent excess skin elasticity but if someone has not done this it's never too late. Eat very very right, train very very hard, cardio very very long...every every day!

For a list of healthy foods please see my answer on:
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For understanding high intensity work in a small amount of time please see my answer on:
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Thank you for supporting the site my friend! =)

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