Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joined a Gym, Looking to Lose Weight, but Where to Start?

Q: Anonymous said...
       "I Finally joined the gym... Looking to drop about 50 lbs ... To be legally NOT overweight need to drop 75 lbs ... Where do I start! Tried a bunch of stuff and I feel like no matter what I try its useless!"

A: AP FIT says...
       Great question! Fitness has become so popular these days that any time you go to the store you can find countless magazines showing you what you need to look like but each one tells you something different. You visit the gym and everyone seems to have a different say on how to be fit; "Do cardio all the time!", "I don't lift weights because I'll get real big muscles like men do."...just about everyone has an opinion and it can become overwhelming...

Here is the deal, joining a gym can be an intimidating experience. There are plenty of people around which can be a nightmare if you're self-conscious plus all the machines are starting to look more and more like creatures from the future. I get it, but the truth is joining the gym was the first right step. The second step you'll take is in not listening to all the experts at the gym who've been there for years and look the same. Yes, you need to do cardio and YESSSSS you need to be lifting weights. Weight lifting encourages muscle growth where as cardio does not. The more muscle you can activate the more fat consumption you enable as well.

The third step you need to take is actually taking two steps back and outside of the gym. The first thing anyone should be doing before working out is planning out a nutritional routine they can live by and with. Fitness is not an overnight thing just like gaining that weight, it takes a while. Fitness is a committment and one that you should enjoy doing. So if you're going to be doing this for a while, then it's important you're comfortable forming a nutritional plan with clean, healthy foods. Nutrition is 80% of the weight loss equation and the number one factor to turning your metabolism into a fat burning furnace.

Again, before the gym work on your nutrition. Eat six times a day at least every two hours alternating between meals and snacks until the time you go to bed. Each meal and snack should contain as close to equal amount of proteins and carbs as possible while being low-fat.

Stay focused. Stay strong.


  1. Thank you for the GREAT answer. The comment about those machines looking like from outer space is hilarious, BUT SO TRUE!....I mean they are very intimidating if you dont know what you are doing. Keep it up CHIPMUNK! ♥

  2. yes! Machines are getting weirder and weirder these days and not enough information on how to use them. You are definitely right Keylita!

    Thanks for supporting Shedding Pounds and Doubts and don't forget to spread the fitness word! =)

  3. hi! AP! ok so ive lost alot of weight and now im having to deal with the whole skin issue :\ and id like to know what things i can do to help that problem. I was told by my weight loss dr to do weights along with cardio but im not sure which weight lifting exercises i should do... also i have restrictions due to an accident a couple years ago. My doctor said to do exercises that wont irritate my back
    9i have a herniated disc in my spine and i have 5 brkn ribs that r joined but not solid). which i have bn doing and feel like its working but im gettn bored of the same exercises. :\ What do you suggests?


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