Thursday, June 9, 2011

Injuries and Exercise

Q: Anonymous said...
Hey AP,

i have an injured ankle. What exercises can i do around the house to keep myself active till my ankle gets better?

A: AP FIT says...
Hi Mr./Mrs. Anonymous,

Thank you for your question. This is going to be an interesting answer but much like your parents would say when you were young, "I am only doing it because I love you." An injured ankle is an injured ankle and should not be taken lightly.
My first point of attack for you will be, get it checked out and make sure it is not a serious injury. If you have gotten it checked and it is a serious injury then be prepared to face the wrath of safety drill sergeant AP! The exercises you should be doing around the house are exactly NONE! If you are injured you should not be exercising. PERIOD. PUNTO. ZEITRAUM.

When the body is in recovery mode it needs all the nutrients and rest it can get. If you are recovering from an injury and not resting or depriving away essential nutrients from your body you are actually doing more harm than good. I understand what it is to be injured and have to lay around the house not being able to do anything, trust me I get it. I once injured my back and was out for almost a month, just to put this into perspective, I LIVE IN THE GYM! Being active is a dominating part of my life so needless to say it was the longest month of my life!

What I recommend for you is to take the time necessary to fully recover. Pick up a hobby while on your newly found "vacation time" or if you really do not know what to do then head over to the new "Healthy Recipes" page and learn how to cook healthy and fit friendly meals. Now that may seem like a shameless plug which in a way it kind of is but remember, Nutrition is 80% of the fitness equation. Therefore, by eating right you can actually lose weight and stay fit without having to exercise until you are fully recovered! THINK ABOUT IT! ;)

Get well soon friend!

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