Thursday, April 21, 2011

Casein Protein and You

Q: Readers said...
     "What is Casein Protein?"

A: AP FIT says...
     In my post "Getting Rid of the Pregnancy Weight" I provided an example meal plan (found inside answer) and a lot of you guys have been asking what casein is. So without further wait, I will explain the benefits, uses and the importance of casein protein in your nutritional plans.

Example Meal Plan:
- Breakfast: 3 egg whites omelette, 1/3 cup of oatmeal
- Snack: 6-10 berries, small protein shake
- Lunch: Broccoli with 4oz of salmon
- Snack: Protein bar
- Dinner: Asparagus and 4oz of turkey
- Bedtime Snack: 1 serving of casein protein

     Casein protein in a nutshell is protein that instead of acting immediately acts over time. Unlike Whey protein which is the common one found everywhere, casein releases protein nutrients over a period of time. Why is this beneficial? Well, guess what, we humans need to sleep every single night and what happens when we sleep is that our bodies enter a state where we lose consciousness but our systems continue to operate even if only at 70%. I always liken this to a computer's "Stand By" mode.

Notice how I said that our systems continue to operate at 70%, not shutdown. So if our body works even while it is resting we need to make sure it has a decent supply of fuel. Casein supplements not only make for a great bedtime snack but also continue to power up our bodies while we rest ensuring proper muscle recovery and efficiency. Casein is extremely important because it also won't make you wake up cranky because you're starving!  =)


  1. Thanks for the answer!

  2. You're welcome Cheryl!

    I usually make my casein protein in about 4oz of water and mix it into a pudding. It's a great way to trick my super powerful sweettooth!

    Thanks for following!



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